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Scientists Found A Two-Headed Bull Shark & We're Shook

What has two sets of razor sharp teeth, two stomachs and one tail?

THIS bad boy.


Yes, that is a two-headed shark and yes, it is a real thing; fishermen in Florida made the discovery after hooking a huge bull shark off the Florida coast in 2013.

But it's not the first - or last - time a two-headed shark has been reeled in, with the bizarre mutation first being recorded way back in 2008.

That catch was made off the coast of Australia by Christian Johnson, who sent pictures of the two-headed blue shark embryo to National Geographic.

More recently, too, Spanish researchers found a two-headed Atlantic sawtail catfish, still growing in an egg; after carefully examining the embryo, scientists agreed that it probably wouldn't have survived long after hatching.

While it's not clear exactly what has been causing the malformation, researchers are theorising a variety of factors, including genetic mutations, viral infections or pollution.

Luckily - for the moment, anyway - no adult, egg-laying two-headed shark has ever been found.

BUT... That doesn't mean they're not out there. 


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