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Father Stuck On Dreamworld Ride A MONTH Before Tragedy

A video has emerged online of a Brisbane father that became stuck on the same Dreamworld ride that claimed the lives of four adults on Tuesday. 

Timothy Wan, posted the video to YouTube which reveals the father of two stuck on the Thunder River Rapids ride when the pump broke in the very same spot.

Mr Wan has said he had just sat down on a raft when the siren sounded, the water drained out and the ride stopped.

Accrording to, after about 10 minutes, an operator came over to tell the group the water pump had overheated and the ride was shutting down.

The Brisbane man had two children under 10 on a separate raft to them and his wife because they were in a group of seven with another family. 

“We walked back to the station and were given ride express to come back later in case the ride reopens,” Mr Wan told “As we left the station, we saw other people starting to walk out of their pods. I noticed that one pod was sitting on top of the same spot where the tragic incident happened yesterday. 

“I didn’t feel anything unsafe at the time when the pump overheated. I just boiled it down to luck.”

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