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Fabled 300kg fish 'Pig Nose' caught after 40 years

A giant fish, which had eluded fishermen in Canada for 40 years, has been caught.

The massive ‘Pig Nose’ sturgeon had been a legend of Loch Ness proportions in British Colombia and was considered a dream catch.

‘Pig Nose’ was such a legend that Nick McCabe, tour guide with River Monster Adventures, would take groups of fishers up and down the Fraser River searching for it.

Named after an injury where the fish’s snout had been seared off, it hadn’t been sighted in four decades.

Last week, after two hours of wrangling, McCabe and his latest tour group finally nabbed the sturgeon.

‘Pig Nose’ is three metres long and tipped the scales at 294.8kgs.

Jeff Grimolfson, another guide with River Monster Adventures, told Global News that they were walking on clouds.

“This fish has been the talk of fishing and sporting goods shops for years.”


Lucky for ‘Pig Nose’ and employees of River Monster Adventures, sturgeon-fishing trips are catch-and-release.

After having its measurements and a few pictures taken, the giant was sent back into the deep. 

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