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Ed Sheeran Rushed To Hospital Following Accident

Princess Beatrice has sliced singer Ed Sheeran’s face open in a mock-knighting of musician James Blunt that went wrong.

Sheeran, 25, was rushed to hospital after the 28-year-old princess swung the ceremonial blade over her shoulder without realising the singer was behind her, according to The Sun.

The accident is reported to have happened at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, the home of the Princess’ father, Prince Andrew, who was away at the time.

Blunt is said to have joked that he wanted to become Sir James before Beatrice pick up a sword before Blunt knelt down in a mock knighting ceremony.

The Sun then reports that when Princess Beatrice lifted the sword to tap him lightly on the shoulder, she accidentally swung it back, cutting Sheeran on the cheek.

"The blade cut into his face, and it was just a few inches from his right eye," a source told the newspaper.

A photo of Sheeran with a cut face was posted on Twitter.

The Royal Family and Ed Sheeran have not commented on the incident.

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