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You Can Be Fined For Eating While Driving

Eating while driving - It’s something that we’ve all probably done at least once.

Whether it’s after going through a drive through or as a tactic to save time while heading out on a busy day, it’s pretty common for drivers to chow down on some food while behind the wheel.

But did you know that it could be costing you big time and actually land you in a lot of trouble with the law?

Eating while driving could result in a hefty fine and loss of demerit points

Kyle certainly didn't know. And he was pretty darn annoyed when he found out! 

"Remember I was saying last year that you're allowed to eat a hamburger and smoke a cigarette but you can't touch a phone - how dumb do they think we are? Now you're not allowed to eat while driving!" Kyle said this morning on the Kyle and Jackie O Show. 

"I thought that was always, I mean you're not supposed to eat," added our newsreader Brooklyn. "That's the law but rarely I think you would get down for that."

Yep it's pretty obvious that this law is a massive grey area, which isn't great when it can see drivers slapped with hefty fines and a loss of demerit points, so let us try and break it down for you.

In New South Wales, police can pull you over for eating while behind the wheel if the act is distracting you from driving safely and they can book you for driving without proper control of the vehicle.

This offence comes with a $448 fine and three demerit points but this can rise to a $561 fine and four demerit points if the driver is in a school zone.

If eating behind the wheel distracts a driver enough to cause an accident, they can also be charged with negligent or reckless driving, which results in a $448 fine and three demerit fines but can also lead to license disqualification, higher fines or imprisonment in extreme cases.

Bernard Carlon, the executive director of the centre for Road Safety told that anything that forces a driver to take their eyes off the road can impact not only their safety but the safety of others on the road.

“Driving is a complex activity; anything that takes your hands off the wheel, eyes off the road, or mind of the driving task is dangerous, not just for you, but everyone else on the road,” he said.

“Simply taking your eyes off the road for longer than two seconds, doubles the risk of a crash.”

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