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The Shocking New Twist To The JonBenet Ramsey Case

"We want to get the truth out so JonBenet can rest in peace."

The latest 'The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey' docu-thriller in the works by CBS is the latest probe into the mystery that has gone unresolved for 20 years. 

And if the latest trailer is anything to go by, this will be a must watch. 

But there's one key point in the trailer that piqued our interest. 

The investigators never called the 911 operator to testify... 

Could it have made a difference?

The operator believes so. 

Will she be able to shed light on any new evidence or clues 20 years on? We will soon find out.


The CBS documentary is putting all the evidence under the microscope... only difference being the personnel and technology at their disposal.

Retired FBI agent James Fitzgerald even states in the trailer that he believes the mystery can still be solved.

"This little girl's homicide to this day has been unresolved," Fitzgerald said.

"In my opinion, I think we can change that right now." 

Joining the original investigators and FBI agent that worked on the case, are behavioural analysts, forensic scientists, police officers and a statement analyst working together as a brains trust to try to solve the mystery once and for all. 

The trailer also shows a life sized model of the Ramsey house, allowing investigators to dispel previously suggested escape routes and try to determine a second by second account of what could have happened that fateful night. 

The six hour documentary will air for one week in september from the 18th through to the 25th. 

We can't wait!

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