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Disney Removes ONE Thing From Parks Following Tragic Death

Lane Graves was killed by an alligator at the Seven Seas Lagoon in Orlando Florida in June.

The incident shocked people around the world because the little two year old boy was paddling in some shallow water in the resort when an alligator dragged him away from his family and into the swamp water.

His body was discovered the following day.

Disney came under a massive amount of fire for permitting guests to have access to an know area where crocs and gators swim.

A sign has since been installed.


Disney have also now removed all references to alligators and crocodiles following little Lane's death.

The Tic Toc Croc from "Peter Pan" will no longer appear in the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom.

While the Jungle Cruise boat ride has pulled a one-liner from the captain telling parents to "watch your children, or the crocodiles will."


And Louis, an alligator from The Princess and the Frog, is no longer part of the Friendship Faire Castle show.

From now on Disney will operate a "no alligator policy."

Source The Mirror

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