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Central Station Reboot Set To Cause Train Chaos AGAIN

A major central station reboot has been approved in the midst of serious strain upon Sydney’s train network, leading the State Opposition to believe that public transport issues will be exacerbated.

Work is set to begin immediately on the $955 million project after a renovation contract was approved by NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance.

The construction has been likened to “open-heart surgery” and will begin with the closure of platforms 13 and 14 so that under-ground work can take place.

The upgrades are set to include new Sydney Metro underground platforms and a massive 19-metre wide walkway connecting Chalmers street with heavy rail, light rail, metro lines and busses. The entire project is planned to be completed by 2022.

Sydney’s Central Station is considered to be Australia’s busiest, with over 270,000 commuters relying on it for transport daily.

The State Opposition are concerned that the renovations at Central Station combined with recent timetable changes and staff strikes will create further commuter chaos across Sydney trains.

However, Minister Constance has defended the redevelopment plans, saying that upgrading Central Station would actually untangle Sydney’s train network.

“We will in essence undertake open-heart surgery on Central, and we’re going to be able to do so without disrupting passenger services on a daily basis,” said Mr Constance.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has taken a more realistic approach to the project and has said that commuters should expect some disruption.

“Unfortunately the by-product of building something new means there is temporary disruption and we regret that,” she said.

“But that’s no excuse for not doing it. It would be negligent of us to sit on our hands and not improve Central Railway Station because it’s going to cause some interim disruption.”

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