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Boys At Elite Sydney Boys School Were Victims Of Sick Ritual

Warning: graphic content.

Concerning reports have emerged this morning about young students at an elite Sydney boys school; The King’s school in Western Sydney.

A sexual abuse victim from the school has revealed the sickening ritual, which he alleges involved young students being tied to trees while their testicles were blackened with raven oil, to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

John Williams said he was regularly sexually abused when he was in year 7, but alleges King’s principal Tim Hawkes was more concerned with the school’s image than putting a stop to the abuse, The Daily Telegraph reported.

'He was very concerned about the school's image and said that if my story went public it would have a negative impact on the school,' Mr Williams alleges.

He said Dr Hawkes gave him the impression he would bring the school to ruin if he went public with the abuse.

'I do know that he was very concerned about having the school, any of the boys find out about this… He almost acted as though I was going ... to be the downfall of King's.

Another former student who claims he was digitally raped told the commission that bullying was viewed as ‘character building’ at the prestigious school.

Another victim who was masturbated on by a fellow student was subjected to relentless bullying after telling his friends about the incident.

Though the boy involved’s father told the commission the bullying had an incredibly damaging effect on him, he alleges the school did not offer any support. The investigation is ongoing.

Source: Daily Mail

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