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Man Who Accused Capilano of Selling 'Toxic Honey' Gagged

An Australian beekeeper has been stung with a gag order after honey giant Capilano accused the man of creating a smear campaign against the company.  

In over 25 social media posts, Simon Mulvany who runs consumer activist website Save the Bees, accused the honey maker of selling “toxic” imported honey in order to make more money; something the company vehemently denies.

Capilano said it was forced to take legal action against the Victorian based beekeeper after receiving a petition with over 30,000 signatures backing the man's claims. The company is suing for costs and damages. 

“Unfortunately, we’re seeing that consumers are believing it,” a Capilano spokesman said. 


While the honey maker confirmed the Capilano brand sold in Australia was '100 per cent Australian honey', it did admit its secondary brand, Allowrie is mixed with honey imported from China, Mexico and Argentina, which they claim is clearly marked. 

“They’re just trying to do as much damage to Capilano and at this point we still are not sure what their motivations are,’ a spokesman said.   

This week Mr Mulvany is accused of posting a series of news claims against the company which sparked a Choice investigation. 

The Supreme Court of NSW ordered Mr Mulvany to remove the offending social media posts before the court finalises its decision. 

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