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Major Supermarkets Just SLASHED The Cost Of Two Big Items

Supermarkets have just slashed the cost of free-range eggs by up to 40 percent.

Aldi is now selling the eco-friendly eggs for just $3.69 with Coles and Woolworths dropping theirs to $3.80 as competition heats up.

Before the price-cut, even the home-brand free range eggs were selling for between $5.50 to $6.50, but now the huge cuts have come in, in n attempt to get us to stop eating the caged alternatives.

Cage eggs are still cheaper, however, with most selling for around $3 but now almost 64% choose free-range over caged.

'By reducing the prices of all our dozen cartons of Coles Brand free-range eggs, we believe we can make it easier for consumers to buy free-range eggs,' Coles said.

Aldi agreed, saying eggs were a staple family grocery item and it aimed to offer the best value in the market.

Coles also cut the price of more than 30 different loaves of bread - Tip Top down $1.90 and its bakery products by 10c to 50c. 

Woolworths said that they already have cheaper bread, but it will be making a price match on Tip Top.

Aldi.. well, they don’t have bakery’s, so just silence from them on that one.

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