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Australian Model Caught Up In Acid Attack In London

Two young Australian women have been caught up in a terrifying acid attack in a London nightclub.

Part-time model Isobella Fraser was visiting her sister Prue for Easter when the pair became caught up in the attack.

The women aged in their 20’s were at a nightclub in London’s east when a fight broke out resulting in a man throwing acid into another man’s face.

Isobella told the Daily Telegraph one of the victims was pushed into her and it felt as if someone had poured a drink on her.

“But then I could start smelling gas, like someone was going to blow up the place,” she told the newspaper.

At that point she became separated from her sister as the club erupted into chaos. She later discovered her sister had also been showered in acid.

 “It was pain like I had never experienced before,” Prue said.

“I couldn’t see anything on my arm but my friend said ‘you’ve had acid thrown on you’.. I thought what the hell’s going on?”

The sisters initially believed they’d been caught up in a terror attack. The incident forced the evacuation of the venue were at least 600 partygoers had converged following a music festival.

Two men in their twenties remain in a serious but stable condition following the attack, while 10 other patients were taken to hospital.

The attacker remains on the run. 



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