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Inmate Allegedly Spoke Of Bombing City 2 Surf After Release

A Sydney court has heard some terrifying details regarding a current prisoner’s alleged terror plans for when he is released from prison.

A NSW inmate, who is set to be released from prison later this month, has allegedly spoken about bombing the City 2 Surf fun run, blowing up a police station and beheading a person in public when he is a free man.

The 28-year-old man, who can not be named for legal reasons, has been serving time for non-terror related offences at Goulburn Correctional Centre and is due to be let out on June 20 but the NSW Government are now attempting to block his release.

The NSW Government have now filed their first ever application in the Supreme Court for a Continuing Detention Order to be handed down to the man under new counter-terror law which would keep the man behind bars beyond his original sentence is approved.

During the court hearing, the state alleged that the man spoke about his wish to carry out lone wolf attacks in Sydney and has shown allegiance with the Islamic State.

They claim that the man specifically spoke about targeting Australia’s biggest fun run, the City 2 Surf event held in Sydney, with part of the reason being that he would have easy access to the Prime Minister.

“I can’t wait for this country to be bombed, if I had my choice I would choose the City 2 Surf,” the man allegedly said in a recorded conversation in prison. “I reckon the City 2 Surf would be a good place to blow up, Turnbull will be there.”

The man is also alleged to have made bomb threats against Holroyd police station in Western Sydney and spoke about beheading people in random attacks.

The NSW Government’s barrister John Agius SC has said that the man has spoken about crimes that they believe draw a connection to terrorist activity.

“There are a number of references to beheading people and we draw a connection between beheading and terrorist activity overseas,” said Mr Agius. “There is a temporal connection between when the defendant first started making statements which could be described as in a terrorism context and things happening overseas with the rise of ISIS.”

Mr Agius also claimed that the inmate made mention of wanting to be moved to the Supermax section of Goulburn prison where convicted terrorists are held.

In defence of the inmate, barrister Matt Johnston SC told the court that there is a dispute surrounding what his client’s intentions were when making the recorded statements .

“There are live issues into firstly the transcript and whether or not what’s alleged to be said was in fact said,” said Mr Johnston. “There is a difference between an angry, frustrated person and a person who is unacceptable risk.”

Mr Johnston said that his client should still be released by on an Extended Supervision Order once his sentence has expired, which would mean he would be monitored by an electronic anklet.

The court also heard that this inmate could actually be kept in prison beyond June 20 for other charges and if this happens the CDO filed against him would begin after he completes the extra sentence.

Justice Natalie Adams has not reached a decision on the matter yet but has made it clear that she will before June 20.

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