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ANZAC Day Marches Cancelled Across The Blue Mountains

In a massive blow to time honored tradition, ANZAC Day marches across the Blue Mountains for this year have been cancelled.

Katoomba, Blackheath, Springwood and Glenbrook will not host any marches due to additional the cost of implementing anti-terrorism measures imposed by local police. 

Spokesman for the Mountains ex-services organisations David White told the Blue Mountains Gazette:

“We are devastated that we have had to take this action because it’s such a long, unbroken tradition and something which we believe is cherished by the local communities."

“It’s that loss of something which has been treasured by the community which breaks our hearts.”

“The terrorists are winning. I say that because the reaction to events overseas continues to provoke over-reactions here, in our view, which require mitigation actions that are beyond our means.”

While there will still be a dawn service and wreath-laying ceremonies in each local community, the march's won't happen due to the cost of measures including the use water-filled barriers to close roads.

Local Area Commander, Superintendent Darryl Jobson has said:

“The type of event is a matter for the organisers and we will continue to work with organisers to ensure their respective events are safe,”

It's believed Council spent $70,000 over the past two years to ensure the marches went ahead, and is no longer able to continue with financial assistance this year.

Council has reached out to state and federal government and is seeking advice on long-term alternatives solutions to water barriers, a spokeswoman said.


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