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One of Kmart's Most Popular Products Is Set To Be Recalled

Cheap candles that are currently being sold at Kmart are prone to overheating and exploding.

According to customers, the candles are spraying hot wax and glass shards across rooms and causing injury.

The Daily Mail spoke to Chris Page who was left with severe burns to his hands when he tried to stop a $6 Vanilla and Fig candle from setting his Gold Coast house on fire after it exploded in his bedroom.

The 44-year-old was standing in the doorway when it exploded, and he ran into the room where the candle had exploded, and glass was thrown across the room.


Chris says there was a huge, uncontrollable flame that almost touched the ceiling coming from what was left of the candle.

‘While trying to avoid burning the house down I tried to blow the candle out but to no avail and had no option but to pick it and run to remove it from danger,’ he said.

He ended up dropping the candle as it burnt his hands, leaving wax and glass all over a hallway his daughter had to clean as his wife rushed to the hospital.


Page ended up spending the night in a hospital with second-degree burns and was off work for a week and has ended up with permanent scars on both hands.

He has now submitted a claim to Kmart owners Wesfarmers for hundreds of dollars in medical bills, lost wages and about $1,000 to replace the carpet.

The company sent back a statement saying ‘’'Whilst we are sorry to hear that you were injured and that your property was damaged, we do not consider Kmart can be held liable and we are unable to compensate you,' it said. 


The Daily Mail says it is aware of more than a dozen other customers who are claiming their candles have exploded and damaged their property but Kmart are only advising customers to ‘’review the instructions as a safety precaution.’’’

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