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ANOTHER Celebrity Has Been Held Up By Kim K Gang

British TV host Anna Richardson thinks she was targeted by the same gang that held up Kim Kardashian at gunpoint.

The Mirror newspaper in the UK has reported that the TV star woke up to find intruders in her hotel room while filming a TV show in Cannes, in 2002.

Anna, 46 said “I heard this weird noise at about 4 am. There were two guys at the end of my bed, going through all my bags. I completely freaked out.”

After a “tussle”, the intruders escaped through the window, while a naked Anna ran terrified down the corridor to call the police.

There had been a spate of robberies in the same area, and Anna believes it could be the same gang, known as the Pink Panther group, who target celebrities and are feared to be behind Kim’s attack.

She added, “Whoever it was known there were big names staying in Cannes.”

Anna has warned Kim she could struggle with psychological damage as she suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and crippling anxiety attacks following the incident.

“I went from being asleep to abject terror,” she continues.

“You cannot underestimate the psychological trauma of it. It would not surprise me if she suffers from PTSD.”

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