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Adelaide Mother Reveals Moment Her Husband Tried To Kill Her

An Adelaide mother of four has revealed the terrifying moment she says her husband tried to gas her and her small children.

The tragic deaths of two autistic children and their parents in Sydney’s north, which police suspect was the result of a deliberate gas poisoning, has reignited terrible memories for the Adelaide mum.

While it’s unclear if domestic violence played a contributing factor in the heartbreaking deaths of the Sydney family, Angela is speaking out to warn others who may find themselves in a similar situation.

Two years ago Angela says she awoke to find her house filled with gas. Fearing it was a gas leak she woke up her husband who tried to convince her she was going crazy.  

“I checked the children and I got up. He told me that I was being silly and imagining it and to go back to sleep,” she told Mix 1023.

"I went to the kitchen and all the valves of the gas stove had been turned on and the whole house was full of gas,” she continued.  

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A heavily pregnant Angela grabbed her three small children and bundled them into her car before switching off the gas. It was at that moment Angela realised her husband was trying to kill her.

I tried to get him (husband) out of bed to come with us but he had no response. He said that I was being silly and just to stay there,” she recalled.

“I opened up all the windows of the house and left him and took my kids to my mother’s home for the rest of the night,” she continued.

Angela was with her partner for over 13 years, before she says she escaped her abusive relationship. 

“I actually feared for my life almost every day in my 13-year-relationship,” she told Mix 1023.

With the support of the Women's Safety Services in SA Angela found the strength to leave her husband two years after the alleged gassing.    

"I don’t think anyone could leave DV without support or knowing how to keep yourself safe through having the support of the DV service," she told Mix 1023.  

"Without them I don’t think I’d have been able to leave," she continued. 

She believes domestic violence if often misunderstood and says victims often fear not being believed. 

"It’s not as easy as just leaving. You think you’re free once you leave but there’s a lot that follows after." she said. 

While her husband was never charged for the alleged incident, Angela says she successfully acquired a restraining order against him. 

She's now using her horrific ordeal for good, sharing her experience with SAPOL to help train officers in how to better support victims. 

"I speak to them about the good responses I had from them and some of the not so good responses," she revealed. 

"I actually just want to make them understand how they can better respond, how they can support women and children in that situation so they’re not feeling alone and they’re not feeling like they won’t be believed," she continued. 

She says many officers struggle with compassion fatigue, but believes her talks are helping police become more passionate about their approach to combating domestic violence. 

"Speaking out about it has actually been healing for me just knowing that maybe one person might get the message that will help them change their life for the better," she said. 

The inspirational mum says she'd like to see some changes to current laws which would help keep families safe and abusers off the street. 

"I think that perpetrators need to be held accountable anywhere they can be. I think there should be some sort of system changes to stop them being able to use the legal system to keep abusing," she said. 

Her advice for women who may be in an abusive relationship is to seek help and support. 

If you need help, please contact the Women's Safety Services on 08 8365 5388 or visit their website for more information.  

*Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the identities.* 


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