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60 Min Allegedly Bankrolled Failed Child Recovery Mission

The plot continues to thicken in relation to 60 Minute's botched child recovery operation in Lebanon. 

Lebanese authorities now say they are in possession of signed documents from the Child Recovery company stating that Channel Nine paid for the attempted mission. 

$115,000 is the amount that has been floated around, which was apparently confirmed by a member of the recovery agency. 

No Australian news sources have sighted such documents, as yet. 

The 60 Minutes crew, including senior journalist Tara Brown, the children's mother Sally Faulkner and four men accused of trying to physically snatch the children are all in custody. 

According to ABC News, throughout their time behind bars, Ms Brown and Ms Faulkner have been kept shackled together with handcuffs for extended periods of time. 

Meanwhile, the Lebanese father of two children at the centre of an alleged failed kidnapping is "disappointed" by the recovery attempt, but has reiterated he won't be pushing for charges against her.

Ali el Amien has been reunited with his children, but Faulkner, has been detained by local police for allegedly kidnapping them using an international child recovery agency on a busy Beirut street.

"I told her that I'm not going to file anything. She is the mother of my children," Mr el Amien told The Guardian.

"I saw her and I was thinking, `Oh what did you do? What were you thinking'?

"I wasn't angry. I was disappointed. You could have just showed up and said you wanted to see the kids. She knows that."

Mr el Amien also said he had access to his ex-wife's emails and knew that a recovery operation was being planned.

It is unknown what charges Ms Faulkner may face from Lebanese authorities.

Mr el Amien has previously told media he believes the recovery attempt put the children's safety in jeopardy, with security camera footage appearing to show them being bundled into a car by several people in southern Beirut.

Ms Faulkner, from Brisbane, claims her ex-husband refused to bring them back to Australia after taking them on holiday to Beirut.

She has long hoped to get her children back to Australia and in October last year set up a petition calling on Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to do more to help.

A TV crew with the Nine Network's 60 Minutes program, including journalist Tara Brown, a producer and a cameraman, reporting on the children's recovery is also behind bars.

Reports that Lebanese officials have unconfirmed evidence that Nine paid more than $100,000 for the recovery operation were not confirmed by the network.

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