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Woman Kicked Out Of Qantas Lounge For Wearing Ugg Boots

While ugg boots may be the national symbol for bogan down here in Australia, you can't help but admit that they're gosh darn comfortable!

And while we wouldn't suggest wearing them out of the house to do the groceries or drop the kids off at school, the one place where we always thought that it was socially acceptable to be seen wearing uggs in public was at the airport.

After all, it's a place where comfort is a must! You're going to be sitting in a tiny seat on a plane for a number of hours and if people are allowed to wear tights (the only time other than at the gym when these can be classified as pants), tracksuit pants and neck pillows, then why not ugg boots?

Well apparently not everyone thinks this way, after one popular Aussie airline banned the shoe completely! And they even had the nerve to kick a woman out of their lounge for wearing a pair of the fluffy, pillowed shoes.

Human League singer Joanne Catherall told Twitter about her experience with Qantas Airways after being asked to leave their business class lounge for wearing her comfy uggs.

Qantas responded to her complaint via Twitter, however, instead of apologising they maintained their stance that the Uggs didn't meet their dress code, which BTW also stipulates that head-to-toe gym wear, beachwear, sleepwear, and flip-flops are not permitted under the "smart dress" policy of the Qantas lounge.

SERIOUSLY?! What do you people where when you're travelling?! High heels? A three piece suit?! What on earth is wrong with wanted to be comfortable while sitting on a long flight?

And apparently, a LOT of other people agree with me on that one, because Twitter literally blew up at Qantas for dissing the Ugg Boots.

So what do you think? Are Ugg Boots too bogan for the business class lounge? Or does comfort trump style all the way when it comes to flying?

Maybe a pair of those high heeled ugg boots would be a good compromise...

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