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The WEIRDEST Things You Can Take In Your Carry-On Luggage

There are so many restrictions when it comes to carry-on luggage for flights. 

But despite the seemingly endless list of banned items and odd regulations - no liquids over 100ml we’re looking at you - there are some very weird things that you CAN take with you on the plane.

Oyster has compiled a list of the most bizarre items allowed to be stored in your carry on:

  1. Falcons – You may need to purchase extra seats for your bird, but it’s totally legal for your feathered friend to fly with you in the cabin… That’s in the Middle East where many airlines permit falcons on board.
  2. Antlers – Most U.S airlines allow antlers as carry-on items but they do come with a range of strict rules and guidelines like size requirements.
  3. Christmas trees – Yes, you can actually bring a Christmas tree onto a flight in the U.S. There’s just one requirement; it has to be cut up and wrapped like a gift to prevent the pines from falling into the cabin.
  4. Pies and cakes – It’s totally sweet (get it? LOL) to bring pies and cakes on board in the U.S.
  5. Cremated remains – You may have to ditch your water bottle as you go through security but you can actually bring human ashes on board… WTF!
  6. Parachutes – We’re not actually sure why you would need this (unless you have a MAJOR fear of flying) but each to their own.
  7. Bowling balls – This seems like a HUGE loophole, considering how much each ball weighs! This will save you heaps of $$$ when it comes to avoiding excess baggage fees.


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