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Major Transport Timetables Changes Kicked In Today, Sydney

You may not have realised it, but today marks the first day of NSW transport timetables.

That means, your train or bus time may have changed - and you didn’t even know it.

It’s a major overhaul, described as the biggest change to transport Sydney has ever seen in one go, according to Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

"If you haven't used public transport today, the timetables obviously kick in today but tomorrow will be the real test.

Please make sure you look up the app or the information we have so that you're not caught out if your service has changed,” the Premier advised.

"This is a huge shift in the way in which people can move around our greater city… chances are in more than two-thirds of our stations, you'll cut your waiting times by half."

A KIIS staff member ended up in Linfield today after catching their regular train to work, and rocked in 15 minutes late - so we all know first hand just how disruptive it can be.

The advice is to head to the Trip Planner at and find out the best way to get to where you’re going.

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