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Camera On Long Haul Flight Shows Flight Attendant Reality

Ever wondered what it takes to be a flight attendant? Well, it just so happens we now know, since we now have a day-in-the-life of a flight attendant captured on video.

The people at Virgin Atlantic have installed cameras in a long haul flight from London to Los Angeles from start to finish.


It shows the team being briefed on the flight, where they find out about safety updates and any special passengers on the flight.

During the 10-and-a-half hour flight, the five cabin crew serve 233 customers, drink and food service, as well as fitting in a rest.

The one thing you realise from watching is that the cabin crew are almost always on their feet, even when they grab a snack in the galley.


However, each member of staff does get some down time on such a long shift, heading up to the cabin crew sleeping quarters for a quick snooze.

Flight attendant Amanda also described the difficulty of working an overnight flight and trying to stay awake.

“You’ll be pulling all-nighters on the red-eyes, watching people sleep and reading the same issue of People magazine over and over again as your eyelids get heavier and you long for the comfort of your bed,” she revealed. All in all, a fascinating watch!


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