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This Is The Most Popular Engagement Ring Of All Time

If asked, many women could easily describe what their dream engagement ring might look like.

Princess, cushion, oval and marquise are all popular and long admired stone styles by many prospective fiancé’s.

With such choice and the ability to custom design the perfect ring, we thought crowning the world's most popular engagement ring of all time would be a hard task, but apparently, we were wrong!

Pinterest have just revealed the websites most popular engagement ring of all time.

undefinedAccording to the image sharing site, the art deco, solitaire ring is the most popular engagement ring they’re ever seen, with a whopping 103,900 saves.

The ring was custom designed by it’s owner Sylvia Billone and is a 1.22 karat ring with a two-millimeter-width rose gold band

Sylvia, who opted to not reveal the price of the ring, told Pinterest that she had the ring custom-made after garnering inspiration from other images she spotted on Pinterest.

We’re surprised it’s rose gold! What are your thoughts?

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