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There's Something VERY Different About Coles Right Now

If you’re already cringing at the thought of doing your grocery shop this long weekend, we have some good news.

Because the grocery wars are heating up with Coles announcing they’ll be opening over 10,000 extra check outs.

Between Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, the supermarket says they’ll open an additional 13,570 registers, which will equate to a total of 23,570 check outs over the period.

Dubbed the “I’m Free” campaign, the chain is moving away from its “Down, Down” catchphrase for the period.

An industry insider has told Fairfax the move is in direct response to Woolworth’s “increased investment” in staff.

It also puts them in stark contrast to Aldi.

The moves comes just months after Coles announced it planned to trial a limit on items for customers using the self-serve registers.

Is it enough to make you do your grocery shop at Coles?

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