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How This Woman Managed to Blow Over $60K!

A university student in South Africa has gone on an excessive shopping spree with money that was given to her in error.

According to, roughly $1.3 million was accidentally transferred into her account by the university for her monthly food allowance.

The student spent $61,250 of the $1.3 million on new clothes, a party and a new smartphone before the error was discovered.

Officials said that a company transferred 14 million rand (around $1.35 million) into Sibongile Mani’s account instead of the 1,400-rand ($135) back in June.

University spokeswoman Yonela Tukwayo said “The error was only discovered on Monday after the matter was reported to us by another student,”

“She is liable for the amount that she has already spent, as part of our agreement with students who take out loans,” said Tukwayo.

The rest of the excess cash has been taken back from the young woman’s account, while the university probes how the mistake occurred.

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