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Move Aside Crocs, These Are The World's Ugliest Shoes

Here’s proof that two wrongs don’t make a right.

Someone at backpacker and dad favourite Teva got drunk joined forces with Ugg to create something that looks like a terrible mistake.

There’s no doubt they look like Teva sandals, but instead of the wearers’ bare foot (or, while we’re abandoning all sense of style, a socked one) being bound by Velcro straps, a strip of sheepskin has been added at the top of the foot and at the heel.

The boots are even more breathtaking.


The toes are, inexplicably, exposed in both styles.

The odd thing is, they look unbelievably comfortable and probably a hit for those who love nothing more than to rock some caveman-chic. But my word, they are violent on the eyes.

For those interested in the Frankenstein-ish footwear, the shoes are only available from the US sites of Teva and Ugg. A quick Aussie dollar conversion puts the sandal at $233, and the boot at $299.

TBH, taking some rusty scissors to your woolly slippers would look just as good.

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