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You Won’t BELIEVE How Beneficial Knitting Is For You

Considered the favourite pasttime of grandmothers and aunties until recently, knitting is now making a huge comeback.

The old school craft is apparently very beneficial for you and can help you find your Zen.

It all comes down to the repetitive nature of knitting which induces the same relaxing effects of yoga and meditation.

And because of that, a knitting company Wool and the Gang, have now created a knitting kit that builds 20 minutes of meditation into your daily schedule while knitting a scarf.

The ‘Me Time’ scarf comes with balls of yarn in two different shades and every day you knit rows of one colour and stop when the yarn changes.

Each stripe of colour on the scarf should take about 20 minutes to complete, which is the exact amount of time needed to relax and wind down.

And not only will you feel totally Zen after the 20 minutes of knitting meditation, but you’ll also have a beautiful striped scarf to wear as well! 

It’s a win-win in our eyes!


Source: Cosmopolitan

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