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Woman Shares Graphic Image Of Losing Her Nail To Acrylics

Getting acrylic nails is a pretty common beauty routine. In fact, if you look around the office right now we’re sure that at least half of the women would have them.

And so as a common practice you wouldn’t think that getting fake nails put on would be a dangerous thing. But we were wrong…or so very wrong.

This one woman went to treat herself by getting her nails done at a Salon in Wales. But instead of getting the beautiful and long nails that she desired, Lowri-Anne Wilson actually contracted an infection in one of her thumb nails from the equipment that was used on her.

And unfortunately instead of feeling just a little bit sore, seeking medical treatment and getting better over time, her injury started getting progressively worse. So much so that she was told that she was told that she could have easily lost her entire thumb!

Lowry-Anne shared her painful experience on Facebook to warn other women about what she went through. And seriously, it is the scariest most disgusting thing that we have ever seen!

“They [the salon] gave me an infection in my nail when she was doing my nails and it was so bad that I had an abscess under my nail too. I had to go into theatre to have the abscess cut out and my whole nail taken off.”

And this is what the result of her bad manicure looked like: 
*WARNING: only proceed if you have a strong stomach*

This is what the nail looked like when the infection first took over:

And if that wasn't gross enough, this is what it looked like when the nail was removed:

“This is the first lot of surgery that I will be going through there will be others to follow when the nail starts growing back. Also I could lose mobility in my thumb…please be aware of this, as this could happen to you when you have them done.”

Lowri-Ann also spoke to The Metro about her horrible experience and said that doctors told her that if the infection had continued to spread to her bone she would have been forced t have the limb amputated.

Ms Wilson is still taking antibiotics to treat her injury and experiencing a great deal of pain. She will also have to have further operations once her nail has grown back.

So next time you head down to the nail salon to get your nails done remember this story. Whether it’s with acrylics, shellac or just a simple coat of polish, we suggest that you check closely to make sure that the equipment being used on you is completely clean and sanitary.

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