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Girl Cuts ONE Thing Out Of Her Diet And It Cured Her Acne

Meet Cassie Powney. 

According to her, she'd always had pretty good skin. In fact, she would often get stopped in the street and asked what skincare brand she used to get that glowy look.

However, about a year ago, her cheeks flared up. 

Cassie assumed it was the cold weather and thought it would pass but it only got worse.. 

Is this starting to sound familiar for anyone? (It does for me!)

Instead of turning to expensive skin care, facials and scrubs, Cassie took a good look at her diet. 

After reading an article about dairy intolerance causing skin and sinus problems, it all made sense very quickly. 

A year ago, Cassie acquired an addition of drinking a large latte every morning for breakfast. 

Not only had her skin broken out, she was also waking up deaf every morning with a constant head cold. 

Once Cassie cut out her daily latte, her skin had calmed dramatically within just one week. 

Without completely cutting out dairy but switching to soya milk for tea or coffees, Cassie's skin had nearly cleared up completely. 

So while cutting out dairy is DEFINITELY not the cause of everyone's adult acne, it's something to look into for sure! 

Integrative cosmetic and skin doctor Terry Loong explains that food intolerances cause inflammation in the gut. 

"The gut contributes to 70% of our immune system and when it is compromised a whole host of symptoms can present themselves, including acne, skin rashes and even sinus problems. A cheap way to check if you are intolerant to certain foods is to do the Elimination diet. Cut out the common culprits (including dairy) for at least three weeks and then reintroduce them one by one every three days, monitoring your skin's response". 

Source: Cosmopolitan 

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