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Why You Lose MORE By Working Out For LESS Than 30 Minutes

Ever found yourself wondering what’s more important – exercise or eating well?

Fitness guru Sam Wood says that exercise and a good diet NEED to go hand in hand to get any results.

“Eating the right food and exercising properly work together to get you on the right track” he says.

So next time you go to have a cheeky dose of junk food and think ‘Oh well, I’ll work it off later’ TRY TO RESIST! You’ll thank yourself later.

But extreme fad diets and crazy workouts aren’t the answer, either. Don’t torture yourself!

Thankfully, Sam has designed a fitness program – 28 By Sam Wood – that doesn’t stop you from eating real food and encourages you to make good choices and train in a variety of ways (so you don’t get bored!)

“The reason people achieve so much success on my 28 program is that they can work out in under half an hour and still enjoy their favourite meals.”

28 By Sam Wood is interactive, visual and can be flexible with any busy lifestyle. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket!

Create progress, not perfection. Visit and sign up for your 7-day trial.

28 By Sam Wood, an online training and nutrition program for human people.


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