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This Is the Most Asked Question About Sex!

What may seem like a silly question to you, might be a reasonable question to someone else.

Every second someone takes to Google to ask one of these questions and thanks to Cosmopolitan, we have a list of the most Googled sexual health questions from the last 12 months and Dr Clare Morrison, a GP for MedExpress, has answered them!

3. What happens at a sexual health screening?

At a sexual health screening you would be asked about any symptoms including vaginal discharge, itching or soreness. You would be asked about your partner and any previous partners, when you last had sex, whether or not you used protection, and what sort of contraception you use. You would also be asked whether your periods are regular and whether you might be pregnant.

You would be examined and offered health screening including vaginal swabs, urine testing and blood tests, to check for thrush, chlamydia, bacterial vaginosis, gonorrhoea, HIV and syphilis. If you had relevant symptoms they would also look for signs of herpes and genital warts.

Home STI tests are also available for free.

2. How to become a sexual health nurse?

To be a sexual health nurse you would first need to train as a nurse (a three year degree course). Then you would need to gain extra qualifications enabling you to specialise in sexual health.

1. What is sexual health?

Sexual health is the care of everything to do with sex, including sexually transmitted infections, other genital conditions, contraception (including free condoms and emergency contraception). It also covers period disorders, pregnancy, fertility, sexuality, transgender issues, and menopause.

See the full list on Cosmopolitan.

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