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This ‘Cup’ Is Designed to Treat Cellulite

Ahh cellulite. My arch nemesis (no I'm not exaggerating)

Those little bumps and lumps that show up when we move our body in a certain way can sometimes be completely unflattering and prove to be so damn difficult to get rid of.

That is until now, as one company appears to have invented a simple way to ditch the cellulite. And all you need is this little silicone cup!

Created by Choicest One, the anti-cellulite vacuum cup is designed to recreate the skin pinch and roll technique, which basically allows you to stick the cup to your skin and slide it over your troubled area.

It's very simple to use, only takes a few moments to do and it is apparently well known in fighting nasty cases of cellulite.

Don't believe me? Check out the results for yourself in the video above.

You can purchase an anti-cellulite cup here to get these amazing results yourself!

Summer body I'm coming for you!

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