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These Shannon Noll & Shane Warne Shirts Are Aust To A Tee

What does it mean to you to be Australian? For most, it’s a good ol’ fashioned BBQ, throwing back a cold one, and in summer, turning on the cricket - maybe with a little Shannon Noll playing the background.

So when I heard that T-shirt geniuses Grey Lines were coming out with an Australia Day collection, I knew it was going to be bloody amazing.

And right I was.

The Australia Day collection is epic, each and every shirt speaking to the Australian spirit and our way of life… and in my more vulnerable moment, bringing a tear to the eye as I feel more than a little patriotic.


My personal favourites include the ‘Shannon Roll’, which shows Shannon Noll wrapped in a sausage roll, the ‘Shane-pagne showers’, which shows our very own Shane Warne pouring champagne over his own head.


What a living legend.

The other BEAUTY, is the Bunnings sausage sanga tee, appropriately named, ‘For Sizzle My Nizzle’.




Honourable mention must go to the VB tee, and the Gaytime ‘Gold Digger’ tee. Each one goes for $34.95, making it an affordable way to kit yourself out this January 26th.



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