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The Three COMMON Things Leaving You More Bloated Than Pasta

We all know that carbs are the devil when it comes to bloating.

But apparently there are much bigger culprits than your favourite pasta dish when it comes to making your waistline appear bigger.

Dietitian Melanie McGrice told Now To Love that toothpaste can leave many people feeling bloated.

Toothpaste contains the same fermented sugars, which are also found in pasta and bread, so people who are super sensitive to bloating will often feel the effects when they clean their teeth.

The ingredient, which is known to cause bloating, can also be found in some medications and supplements, and “can sometimes be a problem for people who are highly sensitive.”

Onion and garlic are also known to cause bloating in some people.

Nutritionist Steph Lowe told Body and Soul the fragrant foods are high in fructose, which causes bloating.

“Often garlic and onion powders and infused olive oils can take their place without the digestive challenges,” she said.

Yo-yo dieting can also have a bloating effect, with continual changes to the food you consume wrecking havoc on your insides.

“Yo-yo dieting weakens the muscles of the gut wall, causing sluggish movement throughout the digestive tract,” she explained. 

She also advised sufferers to give up garlic completely if bloating is too much to bear, or something as simple as rubbing your belly or going for a walk can also help to relieve digestive discomfort.

Source: Daily Mail

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