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The Big Danger with Oral Sex That Everyone Should Know About

A recent study shows the lesser-known risks that are involved in oral sex and we think you should be aware of.

International Journal of STD and AIDS published the findings which found that performing oral sex increases your risk of chlamydial conjunctivitis (or ‘pink eye’)

According to the research, 9% of people with the condition potentially contracted it after their partner ejaculated into their eye.

Symptoms can start anywhere from one week following the intercourse, to one case where I man said it took four months to occur.

Experts stress that everyone should be using protection when performing the intimate act.

But recent research shows that a whopping 59% of people said they had never used a condom during oral sex.

A further 27% said “Not really – I just don’t like the idea.”

While 6% said they only use condoms for oral if they don’t know the person well.

The NHS recommends everyone use a condom when performing oral sex, to prevent disease from spreading.

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