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Libby Trickett: My Physical Activity Changed As A Mum

Olympic swimmer Libby Trickett shares how her physical activity routine has changed since becoming a mum

undefinedBeing a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but it’s also one of the most challenging.

Between cooking, day-care drop offs, household chores and work, I know that finding time for exercise can seem like an impossible task – the last priority. 

And I’m not alone, with many time-poor Aussie parents sacrificing physical activity in their daily routine. An astonishing 1 in 2 adults and 8 in 10 children are insufficiently active, and Australia is the third most obese English-speaking country in the world.

But what I’ve discovered since becoming a mum is that you can incorporate physical activity into many aspects of your daily routine, even while taking care of the kids.

I try to fit physical activity in wherever I can, whether it be encouraging my daughters to take the stairs instead of the elevator with me, taking the dog for a walk, or parking the car a block away from childcare and walking the difference.

Finding just 30 minutes per day to get active reduces adult’s risk of heart disease by 35 per cent, improves mental wellbeing and, has the added bonus of helping you keep up with the kids!

I also like to remind myself every day that staying active isn’t just about improving my own physical and mental wellbeing - it’s also a great way for me to be a role model for my two girls.

It’s so important to act as a role model for your children and show them that physical activity is part of your day-to-day life.

Finding Your 30 is really simple, on the website there’s a great tool you can use to come up with ideas to get some incremental exercises at home, at work, with your family and friends or individually.



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