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Is This The Most Popular Coat In The WHOLE World?!

When it comes to clothing, some pieces just achieve cult status without a lot of help.

Each season, a couple of pieces manage to do this, and a lot of the time they’re from Zara.

This summer in the UK has undoubtedly seen a certain blue and white printed coat reign supreme on women of all shapes and sizes, as an INSTAGRAM account has even been made for the coat, with people taking and tagging photos whenever they see it out and about with the hashtag #thatcoat.

Women are seeing the coat being worn at bus stops, while women are doing their shopping or grabbing a drink at the bar.

The account That Coat comes with the description: '#thatcoat @zara You know you've seen it please send your pics if you'd like to be featured where it all started.'

It was set up by Londoner Alice Frances, who first noticed the humble high street piece at the Chelsea Flower Show.

She then started spotting it everywhere, and called it an 'epidemic'.

The Sussex-born writer said: 'Once you know, you’ll start seeing it sitting next to you on the tube, buying a Pret sandwich, sitting in the pew next to you at the wedding.'

Someone has even created a mini cupcake version of it, replicating even the smallest intricacies.

Australia, I feel as though our wave is coming... Keep your eyes peeled!

Source: Daily Mail

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