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Is 'Breaking The Seal' When Drinking A Real Thing?

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that when out having a few drinks, your first trip the loo is called ‘breaking the seal’.

You know, you’re some kind of camel at the beginning of the night but then, after that first visit to the toilets, your frequency of needing to go increases.

But does ‘breaking the seal really exist?

In a word: possibly.

Urologist and spokesman for the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand, Associate Professor Peter Chin, told that not only was breaking the seal real, it had more to do with boozy and caffeinated drinks than others.

“Firstly, alcohol — and caffeine — are both diuretics and make the kidneys start to produce more urine. Secondly, the effects of alcohol and caffeine on the bladder are as ‘irritants’, they make your bladder more irritable, and so less able to hold onto urine,” Mr Chin said. 

“If you continue to drink, the effects compound as you produce more and more urine and your bladder gets more and more irritated resulting in breaking the seal and a feeling that you just opened the floodgates.”

However, he also said that the pituitary gland, when working normally, produces a hormone that tells the kidneys to absorb more fluid and not send as much to the bladder. Booze interferes with this by reducing this hormone and increasing the need to find the nearest loo.  

I guess this also explains why you get in wee-sync with total strangers.  When you break that seal around the same time as someone else, every 20 minutes you unwittingly become loo-buddies. Interesting. 

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