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Fears New Killer Flu Pandemic Could Kill 33 MILLION People

There are genuine fears among medical professionals that a new global virus pandemic could kill up to 33 million people in its first 200 days alone.

Chair of the Global Health Council, Dr Jonathan Quick, has written a shocking article that claims a staggering 300 million people could perish worldwide in the next two years.

He believes that a new hard-to-control and fast-spreading potential viral killer is just around the corner.

And Dr Quick claims the most likely culprit will be a new and unprecedentedly deadly mutation of the influenza virus. 

He says conditions at the moment mean a world-wide pandemic could happen tomorrow.

He believes that a disaster of this scale can still be prevented, however he feels that not enough is being done to stop it.

Dr Quick says we need to invest much more in producing a universal vaccine and also ensuring that we are geared to protect ourselves against the inevitable next pandemic. 

While recent outbreaks of cases such as bird flu have been a major cause for concern, Dr Quick fears that the next big outbreak could be catastrophic, leading to disrupted supplies of food and medicines and a potential collapse of the global economy.

Soooo....time to go get that flu jab we're guessing???

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