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Dr Pimple Popper Has Reveals Her Popping Secrets!

If you’re like us weirdos and have a lust for watching streams of pus explode from giant zits, then you’ve probably heard of Dr Pimple Popper (or Dr Sandra Lee).

The Doctor, whose YouTube channel is the holy grail of zit porn, has revealed her secret step-by-step guide to popping pimples.

Although the doctor recommends that you don’t pop your own pimples, she has told Metro US, “My motto is know when to pop, and know when to stop.”

“If you really must, you really shouldn’t pop anything on your face unless it has come to a white/yellow head.”

The first step Dr Lee stresses is that you sterilise the area around the pimple and make sure your hands are clean.

Next in the secret step-by-step guide is to open your pores with warm water or a steamy shower, then get a good grip and squeeze.

“If using fingers, increase traction by wrapping clean tissue paper around the fingers applying pressure.” The Doctor said.

If the pimple isn’t popping, don’t force it. According to the Doctor, “There’s definitely a time to give up because forcing it and continually pushing and squeezing will only irritate your skin and can cause increased swelling, redness, pain, and certainly increase your risk for local infection and scarring.”

The Doctor’s final recommendation is to apply treatment to the area, “a topical corticosteroid, antibiotic and/or a topical acne spot treatment that likely contains benzoyl peroxide, like my SLMD Acne Spot Treatment.”

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