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Chocolate Mauve Is The Next Hair Colour You’ll Obsess Over

With summer fast approaching many of us are looking to the hair gods for a new trend that will help our locks stand out from the crowd. We’ve already witnessed some new trends emerging in popularity such as rose gold, hidden rainbow and grey ombre. Now there’s a new trend which is set to change everything, thanks to its inventor American colourist Hannah Edelman. 

The Brooklyn salon owner has invented this summer’s must have hue and we love it. It’s called ‘Chocolate Mauve’ and it’s stunning. For those of you who have naturally dark hair, it does require a little bit of preparation. First a Balayage technique is used to apply a lighter colour to help blend the new chocolate hue. 

The process works by taking irregular sections of hair in a diagonal position and painting them.  

"Most of them are color melted [when you blend highlights with your base hair colour.’ she told Cosmopolitan.  

Hannah says the advantages of this colour is it’s “toned down but not totally normal." 

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