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Aussie Woman Gives Birth, Had NO IDEA She Was Pregnant

A woman from Perth has given birth to a baby boy after having no clue that she was actually pregnant.

The new mum, Jayde Lawrence, headed to the hospital on Monday after feeling sharp pains in her stomach The 27-year-old assumed that she had burst her appendix.

But it took just moments for doctors at the hospital to make the shocking discovery that Jayde was in actual fact going into labour.

Just 15-minutes later Jayde and her partner Kurt Stuart became parents when out popped a healthy baby boy, who has since been named Jax.

The couple were beyond ecstatic to have ended up with their little bundle of joy but they remain confused about how the pregnancy was kept in the dark.

Jayde says that she took two pregnancy tests in the past nine months but both came back negative. The surprise pregnancy was also so shocking because Jayde suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome, making it very difficult for her to conceive.

The couple already has a two-year-old daughter and say that they eventually wanted a second child.

The couple are now taking every day as it comes and says that with their new found-luck their next move will be buying a lottery ticket.

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