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Acne Sufferers, A New Vaccine Is On The Way!

If you're one of those unlucky people who are faced with the reality of acne in your everyday life, you'll no doubt be interested in news of a cure... finally!

Most chronic sufferers have tried everything doctors and dermatologists recommend including the Pill, Roaccutane, antibiotics, heavy-duty cleansers and creams, the Pill again.

Dieting can be effective for some people, in an attempt to balance out hormone levels, with one Naturopath swearing by Activated vitamin B6 to clear up acne.

Wouldn't it be great if there was just one solution, that actually worked!?

Well, according to Allure, it could be a reality sooner than you think thanks to a team of scientists at the University of California San Diego.

The team, lead researcher Eric C. Huang, are working to develop an acne vaccine. Rejoice!

Huang told Allure, "Acne is caused, in part, by P. acnes bacteria that are with you your whole life — and we couldn’t create a vaccine for the bacteria because, in some ways, P. acnes are good for you. But we found an antibody to a toxic protein that P. acnes bacteria secrete on skin — the protein is associated with the inflammation that leads to acne."

We're not 100% sure what that means exactly either, but it's definitely good news, we have faith in you Mr Huang!

The vaccine is still in the testing phase and will be for the next two years, so hang tight with your current remedies until then, and keep those fingers away from those pimples!

h/t: Cosmopolitan

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