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A Food That Changes How ‘Down There’ Smells for Ladies

Although there is no scientific evidence that suggests pineapple affects the way your downstairs area smells, people are convinced and have taken to Redit.

The question has been put to Reddit and people are getting involved, including biochemists.

‘Biochemist chiming in: pretty much that statement “you are what you eat” rings true,’ writes user ‘beermeupscotty.’

‘You can change your “taste” with your diet. If you drink lots of coffee and beer, your juices will have a bitter taste. As a general tip, drink lots of water and add fruit to your diet for better tasting “juices”.’

Dr Shazia Malik, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, told ‘There is no scientific evidence that (pineapple changes a vagina’s smell or taste) – but there’s lots of anecdotal stuff from women that it can affect smell and taste.’

‘However, I would say all things in moderation – and remember that too much sugar can give you thrush…which doesn’t feel or smell too great.’

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