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You Can Get Gozleme For Just 5 Bucks Today

If you’re a frequent visitor of food markets or a self proclaimed street food connoisseur, then no doubt you’ve come across the Turkish street food Gozleme. While some might describe the food as a savoury type of very thin pancake, we have a slightly more official description to tantalise your taste buds with.

The delicious meal created out of traditional Turkish flatbread and pastry and is often filled to the brim with various savoury toppings like spinach, various meats, mushrooms or feta and is typically considered the high brow snack on the food truck scene.

And if you’re lucky, you might even come across the dessert variety which can be stuffed with oozing, melted nutella and various fruit.

Mouth watering yet? Well luckily we have a purpose for ranting on and on about just how delicious Gozleme is, and no it’s not just to make you hungry. The reason is, today you can save BIG BUCKS on your Gozleme meal with Gozleme King because they’re holding their $5 Gozleme Day!

That’s right today only, you can swing past any Gozleme King store and grab your favourite Gozleme flavour. How does Peri Peri Chicken, Marinated Chilli Potato, or Gourmet lamb sound? Or if you’re after something a tad sweeter why not give the Bannana Buzz or Nutella dream a go?

There are Gozleme King stores located throughout NSW, ACT and VIC so if you’ve got a hankering for one of their $5 Gozleme specialities there should definitely be one near you! For exact locations check out their website.

We know what we’ll be getting for lunch today…

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