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Bar Serving Cocktails Made With Our Fav Childhood Lollies

When it comes to cocktails, bars are always attempting to one up each other, ditching the old school classics for unique creations that are sure to draw a crowd.

But we think that we’ve found a winner, hands down, to this unofficial competition after one Western Sydney bar unveiled their latest cocktails inspired from all of our favourite childhood lollies!

Made By The Hill, which is a popular drinking hole in Rooty Hill, shared some pictures of their latest concoctions heading to their already generous menu from this weekend and boy oh boy do they get that nostalgia rolling and those tongues tingling!

From what we can see there will be four new items added to their cocktail smorgasbord inspired by a classic sweet treat including Fairy Bread, Red Skins, Wizz Fizz and even good ol’ Wonka NERDS!!

There’s no doubt that you’re going to want to get your hands on one of this bad boys, and what’s even better is that they’re arriving just in time for Easter! So forget treating yourself this weekend with an Easter egg or a hot cross bun. Take it that one step further and ring in the long weekend with one, two or ten (we don't judge) of these special cocktails!

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