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Bad News For Anyone Who Has Ever Picked Mould Off Bread

Anyone else's mum a huge fan of never throwing anything out and just cutting the mouldy bits off bread and cheese?

Well we have bad - and totally disgusting - news for you: It's an awful habit and you could actually be doing yourself harm.

"We don't recommend cutting mould off of bread, because it's a soft food," Marianne Gravely, a (deep breath) senior technical information specialist for the United States Department of Agriculture, explained to NPR.

"With soft food, it's very easy for the roots [of the mould], or the tentacles, or whatever creepy word you want to use, to penetrate [deeper into the food]."


If you REALLY want to push it, Marianne says, you can grab a slice from further down the loaf but she's still not recommending it.

She added: "I have seen mould spread from one slice to the next. I'm sure some people would really want to press the situation, but bread is cheap.

"Go buy some more."

You're still alright to cut around harder foods, like cheese, carrots and salami, though, but give yourself a good inch of food around any areas of mould just to be safe.

Or, you know, treat yourself to a new block of cheese.

You deserve it.

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