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This Woman's Method Of Smuggling In Alcohol Is Genius

We really didn't think it could get any slicker than the girl who smuggled alcohol into her formal by using her flask as a clutch handbag but turns out we were wrong.

A racecourse in the UK has posted a photo of one punter's attempt to bypass their strict rules, revealing that she had gone to the incredible effort of turning her bottle of vodka into a sandwich.

The unnamed woman basically pulled the middle out of a baguette, popped in the glass flask and covered it with salami and tomato too hoodwink officials.

Apparently the only reason she was busted was because security realised that the sandwich was, you know, heavier than a sandwich should be.

Luckily Southwell Racecourse saw the funny side of things, calling on followers to come up with a caption for the impressive feat.

As always, we'd like to remind everyone to drink responsibly and to stick to the rules when attending festivals and race meets.

But, you know. There's a lesson to be learned here.


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