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There Is Now An Easter Egg Made Entirely Of Cheese

When you think of the Easter Bunny’s arrival, no doubt chocaholics everywhere wait with unparalleled anticipation.

For those with a tooth more savoury than sweet, Easter just isn’t a holiday made for us - until now.

Introducing the ‘Cheese Easter Egg’ or the ‘Cheester Egg’. A glorious Easter Egg-shaped concoction made ENTIRELY of cheese.


The difference between the ‘Cheester egg’ and more traditional eggs, is you’ll never be able to eat this all in one go.

Go on, we dare you to try.

The edible work of art is made by cheese fanatic Annem, who runs foodie website So Nom It’s Wrong and indie cheesemonger Wildes from their award-winning Napier cheese.

Only available in the UK (so far), the 260gm ’Cheester egg’ will set you back 15 pounds, or $24.


Source: Lad Bible

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