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The One Thing You Never Knew About Shopping At ALDI

It’s fast becoming our favourite place to shop, purely for it’s super low prices and unbelievable bargains.

But there is something you probably don’t know about Aldi.

Have you ever noticed Aldi checkout staff always scan your items super fast? Well, this is no accident. In fact, Aldi claims that it’s their speedy reputation at their checkouts that enables them to keep costs low for shoppers.

The supermarket claims that its tills are 40 per cent quicker than rivals due to their efficient barcodes on packaging which means staff are able to scan items as quickly as possible, resulting in more efficiency.

Products usually have multiple barcodes to speed up the process even more.

Not only this, but Aldiy also use ‘shelf ready’ packaging which reduces time and labour when it comes to restocking.

Another factor which contributes to their low prices is the number of products it sells. It stocks around 1,500 product lines, compared to major supermarkets which stock over 40,000. For example, Aldi stocks one type of tomato sauce, as opposed to a supermarket which might stock around 20 different versions.

Aldi can buy the product in large volumes, with smaller costs in terms of getting stock into stores, allowing them to keep their prices low.

Seems like they’ve really got this all figured out, right?

Aldi for the win!

Source: The Sun

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